April 7, 2017 @ 6:28 am
Announcing ToxicPVP

For quite a while now (at least on this blog), I’ve left out a lot of information regarding my next project with Minecraft. My next (experimental) project is ToxicPVP, which is a revamped network based on the original vision of OptimusMC: To be simple, yet effective, in giving people the best PVP experience possible with as simple of a code-base as possible (although it’s already pretty advanced). The ToxicPVP network already has several staff members that are willing to help out. The ToxicPVP network, unfortunately for right now, is not completely open to the public as it is in private (early access) alpha. While we do not know when we will be entering public alpha, we will keep you all updated on the ToxicPVP News page. Take the time to join the ToxicPVP Discord server as well to keep updated and to communicate with the current (albeit small) community we already have.

There will not be that many updates regarding ToxicPVP on this blog, so please make sure to check (and/or bookmark) the ToxicPVP News.

P.S. A lot of hyper-links have been places to help boost the SEO of the ToxicPVP site, in case you were wondering.

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