July 21, 2017 @ 1:25 am
Let’s stir up some block game drama.

Update #1: I tried posting links to this in their Discord chat, but their moderators were so inexperienced they didn’t know how to properly ban me from their Discord server. Nice. I bet these terrible moderators couldn’t even distinguish a hacker from a legitimate player.

Disclaimer: Please note that any of my words and opinions within the contents of this post do NOT, by any means, reflect upon the opinions and thoughts of the staff teams and players of networks I work for. This is my personal site and this does not correlate to anything related to the places in which I work.

So, there’s been a somewhat small, but mediocre Minecraft network known as AmethystSG in the wild. Yes, I’m going right off the wall with this one. Yes, I may or may not be going bat-shit crazy on this one. And yes, I may or may not ever be linking to this server because I would strongly suggset staying away from it…as far away from it as if they had filed a restraining order against you.

While this network does in fact have a small player base (on average around 30 players peak), it unfortunately lacks very much in every other department. The community is toxic; when I played on it, I got accused of hacking other servers when I did no such thing. People thought I had a terrible reputation because of discrepancies with past events that I would prefer not talking about at this time. Whatever the case may be, calling people out in chat is not something that should ever be done; and what made it worse is the fact that no staff took care of or handled the situation whatsoever. Not taking care of these misguided actions only reflects poorly on the server’s reputation as a whole.

Not only that, but I was publicly shamed, ridiculed, and even had my name slandered on their forums for when I discovered and took advantage of a commonly known exploit that the SERVER ADMINS HAD LEFT OPEN. They stated in a PSA that they had filed a police report and contacted the FBI (which I’ll talk about in the next paragraph) regarding the incident (and I’ve never gotten word about the situation from my local municipality, so whatever they did didn’t work anyway).

Let’s also talk about one of their admins/owners (although at this point, it’s quite hard to tell considering they don’t have a global ranking system and the person is either admin on one hub, owner on the other hubs, or owner in their SurvivalGames servers). The owner in question (whose in-game name is “Raven”) has lied to the community several times in the past, including about how there is “no player count shown on the server selector” because they’re apparently getting DDoS’d 24/7. I find that very hard to believe because pinging an internal port will not affect your latency in the slightest. And remember how I was talking about how Raven called the “FBI”? Turns out, after joining their Discord and reading chat messages (and being subsequently banned as a result), they never even came close to talking with the FBI; as well as their misinformed “admin” talking about how my explanation regarding the exploit was “ridiculous” (or some other word. I would quote what was said…but…I’m banned.)

Now, finally. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The amount of unprofessional business that is the entire network. The server looks completely un-polished; there is no formula or set-in-stone styling for any of their chat messages, scoreboards, or anything of the sorts. Their Survival Games (which is actually the BukkitGames plugin on the SpigotMC website) is atrocious and offers terrible gameplay with very un-optimized chest configurations. Their overall appearance is very unprofessional with their website header even saying “Survival Games? Yea, that’s kind of our thing.”

Let’s also not forget to talk about their unethical decisions to steal maps from TheNexusMC Survival Games Community. I’ve seen so many maps on their servers that it is BLATANT ripping-off of certain maps. I am aware that they have received permissions from only some of the maps on their network, but I am also aware that they do not have permission to use certain maps as well. A lot of the maps that you likely play on (Duckbill City, Coliseum, Oasis, Factory, etc.) are being used without permission from the author(s) who created such maps. I can even tell you first hand that Hell’s Reach v2 (the map made by MRDGaming/michaelrd09) was used without permission; since I know Michael personally, I can tell you he was not happy and Raven was so persistent on using the map that he specifically organized to give credit to MRDGaming on his map. I call bullshit, because no map credit is given to any creators at all (at least not since the last time I’ve played it).

I should also mention that none of the plugins that you see on AmethystSG are custom. None at all. They utilize Skript (a kid-friendly language developed by sk89q for noobs that want to make their server look only slightly cooler) and a lot of extra public plugins that aren’t even well-heard-of. They make the appearance of being custom by using under-utilized plugins on the SpigotMC website (some being premium). I am not even sure what their “developer” does, I imagine they just “Skript” their way through the network. NEWS FLASH! Skript is not a programming language, and there is no “Skript” for professional environments. There is not going to be “Skript” when you get hired at Google (haha, I’d be surprised if you’d even get that far). So, to readers viewing, don’t believe a single word that the network is custom, because it isn’t. For pete’s sake, they even use ChestCommands for crying out loud!

And worst of all. They are trying to appeal to players who usually play other games. Guess what? Your whole network was named after fucking SurvivalGames. Do you really think that you can make Bow Spleef work in a SurvivalGames community? Okay, maybe. But future plans for anything other than SurvivalGames, at least in my opinion, are completely pointless when you named your whole network after SurvivalGames. Stop trying to throw shit at a wall and expecting it to stick. You’re going to start with SurvivalGames, and you’re going to die with SurvivalGames, one way or another.

I didn’t even mention the bugs, but I couldn’t go a couple of minutes without running into the same bugs over and over again (at least when I played it a month ago).

  1. 1.8. They use spectator mode. They really do. So I occasionally get stuck and can’t move my head, player, or anything. I complained several times but no one seemed to care or said it wasn’t a problem for them. News Flash: Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it cannot happen to someone else.
  2. While in their hubs, all of the chat messages you send are lowercase, presumably for their god-awful chat filter that doesn’t even take into account context.
  3. There was a huge bug apparently where you couldn’t get past level 4 in their hubs. What? Why is that even a thing? Is it a “Skript” oversight? Haha
  4. Their chat formats are different for every. Single. Server. Seriously, in hubs they utilize a Mineplex-esque style for chat prefixes, and on Ultra SurvivalGames they abbreviate their prefixes with just one letter, and on Solo SurvivalGames they utilize the chat prefix but lowercase and with a pipe afterwards. Or at least some crap like that.
  5. They use Enjin. That’s a bug, right?

I also thought I should mention their non-EULA-compliant and cancerous store items, like being able to get “Special armor”, “Bonus XP”, and “Bonus Credits.” They also offer a cancerous selection of “disguises” which only work in Ultra SurvivalGames for the first two minutes of the match. Seriously, allowing impersonation? I’m being serious: The disguises available are AshPurdyy, BajanCanadian, Huahwi, and BiboyQG. Do at least two of those names sound recognizable or familiar to you?

And, last but not least…why they are even popular in the first place. I have noticed that most of their staff team and promotional team are comprised mostly of ex-Nexus moderators and VIP’s. These people happen to know certain contacts with massive amounts of (usually inactive) subscribers that can play on the network for free. Sure, free advertising. Go ahead and do it. But just know that your server sucks, and that those people shouldn’t have to hear about the crap that I went through as a regular player.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this horribly and hastily written daily dosage of block game drama with z609. Stay tuned, where next time I’m DDOS’d by the owner for voicing what I experienced as a player. Whoopee.


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