March 29, 2018 @ 7:37 am
Bound Brook High School

As you enter the building from 1904 you realize that you have entered a hell-hole that spends way too much time promoting its sports and extracurricular activities that it makes you wonder whether or not its students actually spend enough time and energy focusing on actual schoolwork. Bound Brook High School is described (on its website) as “a supportive, multicultural community that provides an innovative and academically challenging educational program while offering a variety of extra curricular and social opportunities that encourage [lifelong] learning.” This would be true if the community of students were much more supportive and didn’t have problems within and around school property (such as fights and trash can incidents), and if the educational problems actually did provide something more innovative than textbooks and practices that date back several years, AND if the extracurricular activities (most of which are sports programs) DID encourage “lifelong” (let alone general) learning. The environment looks very old and outdated, with pipes lining the ceiling in the lower levels. Most smells are overwhelmed by the activity of students and the sweat that drips from their epidermis due to the lack of air conditioning during school hours. When these smells aren’t evident, the food that the school produces is admittedly not too bad, and tastes and smells decent. The things you hear at Bound Brook High School range from snoring, to laughter, and to yelling. A lot of the problems at this school stem from the lack of funding from the state of New Jersey, as per Dr. Gallagher on the district homepage (“The fact that we are the most underfunded district in the entire State of New Jersey has not changed all that much”). This means that less money is spent on students’ education, and less money is spent towards the wages of the teachers and faculty. Less pay to the teachers usually means less motivation to provide a quality education to the students, which can lead to bad overall grades and less student engagement. Student grades are usually so bad that summer school is the only option, of which the district anticipates to pay $36,000 for the 2017-2018 year as per the school budget on the board of education website. Overall, the Bound Brook High School and most of its students are at a complete disarray. As someone who had attended Bound Brook High School for one year, I’m glad to say I’m now attending a different school that is most definitely not a convoluted mess.

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