December 26, 2019 @ 5:06 am
Expected Downtime and Maintenance

Hello all,

Sometime between Dec. 27 and Dec. 31, we will be undergoing maintenance on ALL of z609 services, including this blog and any other services I provide. Throughout these 5 days, you can expect that only some services will work and they will slowly but surely be restored to their normal working order. Please be patient during this interesting time.

The reason for the downtime–we are upgrading to a new dedicated machine, and we are glad that we are going to be able to provide a faster experience for all.

Thank you,


UPDATE (12/26/2019 1:33 AM EST): The transfer of all of our previous data (in excess of 20 GB) has been started. It will take several hours to complete. Since the rest of the process is being done manually, there will be no progress until the files have been transferred successfully. Therefore, all services will remain offline for the time being. Thank you.

UPDATE (12/26/2019 12:29 PM EST): The transfer has been completed and everything is in working order. Thank you for your patience.

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