March 29, 2018 @ 7:37 am
Bound Brook High School

As you enter the building from 1904 you realize that you have entered a hell-hole that spends way too much time promoting its sports and extracurricular activities that it makes you wonder whether or not its students actually spend enough time and energy focusing on actual schoolwork. Bound Brook High School is described (on its website) as “a supportive, multicultural community that provides an innovative and academically challenging educational program while offering a variety of extra curricular and social opportunities that encourage [lifelong] learning.” This would be true if the community of students were much more supportive and didn’t have problems within and around school property (such as fights and trash can incidents), and if the educational problems actually did provide something more innovative than textbooks and practices that date back several years, AND if the extracurricular activities (most of which are sports programs) DID encourage “lifelong” (let alone general) […]