April 19, 2018 @ 7:53 am
Where I’ve been

A good amount of you are probably wondering where I’ve been the last couple weeks, and what’s been taking so long with many of my projects and promises. I can confirm that I’ve not only been busy but have been going through some personal changes that I’d prefer not to mention specifically for the sake of not only my privacy but my reputation (or whatever is left of it). Whatever the case may be, I feel as though the ToxicPVP community should not be left in the dark with such a serious issue where no development is being made. As such this post is being used to tell you that–no–ToxicPVP has not completely been discontinued or stopped; it is merely in a time where a break has been necessary for a majority of its team members. This doesn’t only talk about myself–our other team members have been busy as well and I can say for certain that Nick and Brian have been extremely busy. Brian’s busy with work, and Nick’s busy with not only school but even several other projects. I commend him for being able to even juggle the work of one project as even that is extremely difficult. However, I feel as though the reasoning behind my absence is unjustified and as such I’ve been attempting to get back into Minecraft for the sake of the community and for the sake of future development. I’ve lost all interest in Minecraft over the past couple of months but recently have been playing single player to “re-discover” the game as I originally saw it back in October, 2013 (I originally bought the game on October 7, 2013–I even still have the original email receipt). It’s very amazing how far the game has come but I’m glad to say that I’m slowly gaining interest in Minecraft once more. It takes time to re-discover something you once loved or had a passion for and that seems to be the case here. The reasoning behind not just coding for the game (while I still know how) is that I wouldn’t want to develop something I had no interest in. Hopefully, re-igniting the interest in this game will in turn re-ignite my courage and ability to develop once more. In due time, the network will be updated–as for now, I’m not particularly sure what’s going on with development but it will commence sometime in the future.

Note: This website is not directly affiliated with ToxicPVP or any of its smaller ventures. This is my personal site and that is why I decided to make this somewhat-personal post on here. If you are interested in my personal opinions or just want to keep up with what I have to say, I would suggest bookmarking this page. It’d be cool!

Thank you,