March 20, 2019 @ 10:04 am
First Day at McDonald’s

I was recently hired at a McDonald’s location in the Trenton, New Jersey area. It’s overall not a bad experience, especially being my first day. I worked for three hours and learned how to operate the register, operate coffee machines/makers, and how to create milkshakes (including the famous Shamrock Shake). Not many people were really rude or anything of the sort, but I have several stories of some things that stood out to me–these stories I will share with you in this post.

Three children (one at most 14 or 15, the other two maybe 12-13 based on height) walked in and got in line to order, with one of them looking at their screen talking to their other (presumably) friends about how they had spent $1200 on an iPhone XS Max just a day or so ago. I didn’t care much about it, until I realized that they took 2 minutes in line to not even consider their order. They were holding up the line–at least one or two customers were behind them. Eventually, the oldest said “hey, this guy’s waiting for us to order.” I eventually say “yeah, what can I get for you today;” they order a small fry, a Shamrock shake, a medium drink, 20-piece McNugget. The one with the phone out then asked if they could pay with Apple Pay (we do offer that ability), and proceeded to checkout. The total came to some $9.50, and they all exclaimed because they were (probably) going to go over a limit of the sorts, presumably a limit of $10. I gave them their cup and receipt (with order number), and started handling the next customer. I notice their order is ready before they even finish filling up the medium fountain soda drink, and considered letting them know that it was ready. Before you know it, they’re walking out the door with just the drink while their items are sitting on the counter waiting to be taken. I start towards the door after them, but they quickly turn around and realize their mistake. It seems to me that they were pretentious and didn’t really consider that they were in a fast food restaurant–where it’s not only as fast as the employees handle orders, but also as fast as the orders are placed.

There was only one other incident–a customer (who was particularly rude, might I add) walked up and asked for a large coke. He shoved the cash and change in my face (he gave exact change), dropping a dime while my crew trainer reached for the large cup. As soon as he grabbed the cup and finished the transaction, he walked over, filled up his soda, and walked out the door. I didn’t even get the chance to give him his receipt. I get that some people are in a hurry in many cases, but this was just blatantly rude and clearly wasn’t in a rush as he took his sweet time preparing his Coca-Cola at the dispenser, and walked slowly out the door. Talk about quick, but also talk about rude.

Either way, that’s all for now. If I have any more interesting stories, then I’ll probably make an entire category for these kinds of things–but for now, I’m leaving it un-categorized.

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