Minecraft SurvivalGames at its finest.

Better than the best…better than the rest.

We strive for quality, reliability, and ease of use. Not only that but we strive to bring fresh content for our customers. Built on the rock-solid performance of TheNovaMC and Optimus Network, OptimusMC is no doubt one of the most stable networks boasting tons and tons of custom features that will make you sure to come back every day. We’re better than many other smaller networks in many ways, as we feature scalable systems that allow us to add more games and servers on the fly with ease with our GameAPI system and a helpful, nice staff team that stands out above the rest. Not only that but we are trying to make OptimusMC with the future in mind. New content and updates are put out almost every day and almost every bit of it is original and unique. Join OptimusMC to get nothing but the best and better than the rest. We promise you’ll enjoy.

What we’re all about…

OptimusMC was founded on Nov. 14, 2015, in an attempt to make a great minigame network. Launching as a Survival Games network, it grew in features and sophistication and eventually increased in popularity after its 1.1 update. OptimusMC has been increasing in size and popularity rapidly with our custom solutions and software. With the ever-increasing demand in advanced systems for user-friendliness and functionality, our new website meets these expectations and goes above and beyond while doing so.

What are you waiting for?!

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